I turned fifty years old on January 22, and was blessed with the good fortune to receive many lovely gifts from friends and loved ones, near and far.

But last week, I received your most recent correspondence, and that certainly has been a gift for for all gifts, this special birthday, indeed.

First let me start by saying that it has been a pleasure having you represent me. From my initial introduction to your firm from your online page, to the first meeting, subsequent meetings and correspondence, you have been professional, informative, clear and intentional as a legal representative. Engaging your firm and its has been a wise investment.

From one human to another, I have no words to express my deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciation of what your services mean to an individual finding themselves in the dire straits which I walked. It has been a difficult road, one in which i felt I would loose faith and hope at times.

Your underlying kindness and respect towards my personhood was uplifting and renewed my sense that all was not lost, and that some men still walk tall and stoop to help others.

There is no possible way for me to adequately express my gratitude, but i will say this. I can only find my niche in life and assure you that in as many ways as i can , I will pay this forward.

And I can only say thank you Mr. Marain, on behalf of myself and on behalf of this son and father, brother and husband, friend and neighbor, for your assistance has afforded me the opportunity to continue to do my job in those roles and be able to reach for my dreams and goals , less hindered and with more hope.

For now this is all, but if you allow me, i would appreciate being able to continue a correspondence, as you have marked my life and have blessed my own.

I wish you health, continued success and all the joy life can provide you and yours,

with regard and gratitude,

-- A.A.

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