Need to obtain copies of your own expunged record? It may be difficult, but it's usually possible.

As explained at Question 10 on our FAQ page, persons occasionally need copies of their own expunged records. Situations that may cause this need are immigration issues, applications for licensure, employment, and even subsequent applications for expungement. Since these needed records have already been expunged, they become available only by court order.

Obtaining expunged records proceeds in two steps. Step One consists of obtaining the court order. That entails an application to the court that originally granted the expungement. It requires providing the court with an application, supporting reasons, and a form of order for the judge to sign. Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ offer this service. The New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts also offers a Do It Yourself package for that purpose.

Getting the court order to release the records is only the first step. The second step is actually obtaining the record, using the authorization provided by the court order. This entails providing a copy of the order to the agency that has the record, and working with the agency to locate and provide the record.

Agency personnel are typically overburdened with their routine day to day work. They can be unfamiliar with the location of expunged records, or the process for retrieving them, even with the court order. Patience, perseverence, and tact will often be needed in working with them.

When Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ can avoid the need for a court appearance (they usually can), they will typically charge $1,500.00 to seek copies of records for matters expungements they handled. Out-of-pocket expenses are additional. Those out-of-pocket expenses could include agency fees for certification of the records. Another possible expense is for couriers or investigators to coordinate with the agencies. Such coordination is sometimes needed in order to expedite processing.

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