Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ do not guarantee that their expungement efforts will be successful. They do, however, guarantee that the legal information that they provide to their clients is accurate. In addition to that, they guarantee that the court documents that they prepare will satisfy all requirements that the court imposes concerning the form in which the court wants those documents submitted. Here is how the guarantee works:
  • If the court refuses to grant an expungement because information previously made known to Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ is legally disqualifying, then Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ will refund the fee that the client paid.
  • If the court refuses to grant an expungement because the documents that Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ prepared and submitted to the court were prepared in a manner unacceptable to the court, then Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ will make all necessary changes to those documents and resubmit them, all at no additional cost to the client.
These guarantees have three limitations. The first limitation arises from the fact that New Jersey expungement statutes contain ambiguities that New Jersey courts have never definitively resolved. Where out-of-state convictions exist, ambiguities can also arise from uncertainty over how New Jersey will classify those convictions. (How New Jersey classifies out-of-state convictions can affect eligibility for expunction of New Jersey convictions.) Where such ambiguities exist, Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ can often make the client aware of them early on. The guarantee of Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ does not cover difficulties arising from issues in interpretation of the expungement statutes where the issue has never previously been resolved in a published New Jersey court decision.

The second limitation relates to expungements that are discretionary with the court. “Discretionary” means that the expungement judge will make a subjective determination concerning whether a particular requirement has been satisfied. Usually (but not always) these discretionary decisions arise from expungements that Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ refer to as “complex.” Complex expungements are expungements where it is necessary to satisfy the court that granting the expungement is “in the public interest”. Based upon their experience, Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ evaluate how a court is likely to rule. They share the results of that evaluation with the client. It would be an informed evaluation, but it would not be a guarantee.

The third limitation relates to the amount of the refund that Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ will make to the client. In two situations, the amount that Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ refund will be less than the fee paid. The first situation relates to “investigations.” If the client provided to Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ all information that they needed to prepare the court documents, then under their guarantee, they will refund in full what they received. In many cases, however, Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ will have needed to supplement the client's information with information obtained by their own independent investigation. Or they may have needed to work with the client to guide the client in how to obtain documents that they need. In such instances, Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ will deduct an investigation fee from the amount that they refund. This investigation fee is typically $350.00. For antediluvian arrests, it is usually more. For complex expungements, the investigation fee is typically $1,000.00 plus expenses.

The second situation arises when the client paid the original fee using PayPal. PayPal deducts its own commission. The amount that Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ receives becomes less than what the client paid. Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™ refund only the amount that they actually received.

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