Allan Marain (Expungement Lawyers in New Jersey™) is transitioning to retirement. He is no longer accepting expungement matters for new clients.

If you are exploring having your record expunged, call Allan anyway. For $335.00, he will provide a screening and consultation concerning expungement of records relating to arrests and convictions. For a consultation regarding ability to expunge records of admissions to mental health facilities, whether voluntary or involuntary, his fee is $385.00.

Your screening and consultation will enable Allan to assess whether your New Jersey criminal record, or whether your record of admissions to a New Jersey mental health facility, can be expunged. If he determines that your record cannot be expunged, he will tell you, and explain why. And if your record can be expunged, he can tell you whether the process is likely to encounter difficulties along the way. Finally, he can refer you to a law firm that has a fantastic track record in handling New Jersey expungements.

Note: in many instances, in order to assess your situation, allan will need to review your history of arrests and convictions as reported by the FBI. Our Your Arrest History page on this site guides you through obtaining that information.

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