N.J.S. 2A:4A-62 Sealing of records

a. On motion of a person who has been the subject of a complaint filed under this act or on its own motion, the court may vacate its order and findings and order the nondisclosure of social, medical, psychological, legal and other records of the court and probation services, and records of law enforcement agencies if it finds:

(1) Two years have elapsed since the final discharge of the person from legal custody or supervision, or two years have elapsed after the entry of any other court order not involving custody or supervision; and

(2) He has not been convicted of a crime, or a disorderly persons offense or adjudged delinquent, during the two years prior to the filing of the motion, and no proceeding or complaint is pending seeking such conviction or adjudication.

b. In any case wherein a juvenile has been adjudicated delinquent and said juvenile enlists in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, he may at any time after the date of such adjudication present a duly verified petition to the court where such adjudication was entered, setting forth all the facts in the matter, including proof of enlistment and acceptance in said armed forces, and praying for the relief provided in this section, and subject to the limitations hereinafter provided in this section, an order may be granted to seal all the records concerning such adjudication including records of the court, probation services and law enforcement agencies. Failure to enter the armed forces shall have the effect of nullifying the sealing order.

c. Reasonable written notice of the motion shall be given to:

(1) The Attorney General and the county prosecutor;

(2) The authority granting the discharge if the final discharge was from an institution, parole, or probation; and

(3) The law enforcement office, department, and central depository having custody of the files and records if such files and records are included in the motion.

d. Upon the entry of the order, the proceedings in the case shall be sealed and all index references shall be marked “not available” or “no record” and law enforcement officers and departments shall reply and the person may reply to any inquiry that there is no record with respect to such person, except that records may be maintained for purposes of prior offender status, identification and law enforcement purposes. Copies of the order shall be sent to each agency or official named therein. Inspection of the files and records included in the order may thereafter be permitted by the court only upon motion and only to those persons named in the motion; provided, however, the court, in its discretion, may by special order in an individual case permit inspection by or release of information in the records to any clinic, hospital, or agency which has the person under care or treatment or to individuals or agencies engaged in fact-finding or research.

e. Any adjudication of delinquency or conviction of a crime subsequent to sealing shall have the effect of nullifying the sealing order.

f. Expungement of juvenile records shall be governed by the applicable provisions of chapter 52 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes.

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