This page explains one possible way of putting abusive web sites out of business or, at the very least, causing substantial disruption to that business.

The internet registrars of sites that trample upon persons' privacy are often legitimate enterprises that want to remedy misuse of their services. In order for them to police offenders, however, they first need to be informed of their clients' misdeeds. provides this step by step guide to informing those registrars.

1. Visit

2. Type the URL of the offending site, e.g., into its search box at the top, and hit enter

3. Scroll down to the “raw whois” data and find the name of the Registrar. For, the Registrar is

4. Visit the Registrar's site and find its abuse/misuse policy. This will take a little digging, so let's walk through it for

a. In the footer of is a link to its Registration Agreement. Click on it.

b. See that Section 14.1(b)(ii) specifies that its Registered Names shall not be used in a way that invades another person's privacy. lists the activities in that section as "illegal activities." Section 16.1(b), in turn, specifies that may (among other things), cancel registration of registered names used in connection with illgel activities.

5. Back in, find the email address to report violations of the abuse/misuse policy of In this case, that email address is abuse@[Registrar's URL].com is typically the address to which to report violations for a domain registered there. Thus Step 4 is not absolutely necessary. However, strongly recommends not bypassing that step because Step 4 explicitly specifies the Registrar's abuse policy. Reference to this policy will enable you to word the complaint more effectively.

6. Notify the Registrar at the indicated email address.

No guarantee exists that the Registrar will take corrective action. (Few things in life are guaranteed. Death, taxes, and the guarantee provided by™ are notable exceptions.) However,™ believe that most commercial registrars are reputable businesses that want to take appropriate steps to rectify misuse of their services by their customers.

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